Who knew the Bavarians could make a bike that would quell the general feeling that beemers were mostly for rich, older white guys…or that the bikes themselves were so technically encumbered that they diluted any rawness that went with riding a motorcycle. Surprise! While hooligans and hipsters may not be singing “Deutschland uber alles,” the R nine T  has been making riders everywhere take notice and rethink what it means to ride a Beemer.

While we’ve yet to throw a leg over one, generally positive if not glowing reviews have us jonesing for the opportunity. And in case you missed them, here’s what the roughly $15k list price will get you for a bit of a beast weighing in at 489 pounds wet:

  • 1170 cc air and oil-cooled opposed twin
  • six-speed shaft drive
  • 110 hp at 7550 rpm
  • 88 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm
  • 4.8 gallon tank
  • 50+ mpg

Here’s what CycleWorld had to say in their 2014 review:

“Given its lusty twin-cylinder engine and sporty seating position, riding the R nineT is reminiscent of a Ducati Monster. The R nine T represents a significant departure for BMW because what it has more than any of its predecessors is attitudeThis is not your father’s BMW.”

Since it’s introduction, the R nine T has become BMWs fourth best selling bike. We think a demo ride is in store soon.