We decided to go back in time a bit on this one and are featuring the Honda that became the favorite of European riders in the late ’80s through 2000 when it stopped production.  This desert-racer inspired thumper – known as the Dominator – has since become a favorite pallet for custom bike builders around the world. Check out some of the iterations below.





One of the things that made the Dominator unique is that it carried the engine oil in the frame, similar to older British bikes. Its cult-like following is often attributed to both its on- and off-road handling capability and because of the recent trend toward converting older (and newer bikes) to ‘Supermoto’ or ‘streetracker’ styles. Evidently, Honda didn’t make too many changes to the Dominator over its lifespan, so there are probably plenty of parts out there, too.

Its five-speed, 644 cc engine, kicked out a modest 45 hp and just over 41 ft. lbs of torque. For comparison, the Kawasaki KLR650 workhorse to this day doesn’t match those numbers with a claimed 41 hp and 34 ft. lbs of torque.

We did a quick online search and it looks like the mid-$2000 range is about average for one in decent shape. Go for it!