For those of you planning on going to the big party in Sturgis this year, you may want to head to Montana before or after. Even if you’re not going to the big 75th, you might want to add the Big Sky state to your list of destinations. Offering plenty of open space, mountains full of twisties, and scenery you could die for if you take your eye off the road too long, Montana should be on any biker’s bucket list.

It’s too hard to narrow it down to a single route — it’s all about choices dammit! So we looked to Motorcycle Roads for a compilation. While the routes are all crowd sourced (schmucks like us provided the details), there’s enough information with each one to get you to the start and finish without a problem. Most of the routes are relatively short, so you might have to string a few together to get in a long day ride. But with so much great scenery to look at on any given route, you might want to keep your saddle time brief anyway.

Our favorite is one described as Continuing Going to the Sun Road. That’s described as a continuation of the world famous Going to the Sun Road. While it’s only 31 miles long, here’s what the rider who posted it has to say, “There are fast straights followed by 15 mph hairpins and 25-45 mph sweepers and chicanes. Plenty of elevation change.” He suggests riding it both ways.