We were pretty thrilled when Olympia Gloves sent us this pair of their new rain or shine gloves. We’ were told ahead of time that there were some features that we’d be hard-pressed not to like. They weren’t kidding. Especially since our most favorite gloves right now are being held together by fabric glue and duct tape!

While we haven’t had a chance to ride in the rain with these babies (thank the NorCal drought), the Gore-Tex dual chamber technology has its pluses even without the wet stuff. That dual chamber means you have a waterproof liner that surrounds your hand when it’s raining or you can put the glove on with the lining just on the backside of your hand so you keep a more tactile feel of your controls.

That extra layer of liner came in handy when we hit 50+ degree damp, cool weather on a run down the coast. It essentially gave us a double dose of liner on the backside of our hands that took the brunt of the wind.

Other features include:

  • Premium cowhide shell
  • Adjustable side zipper in the gauntlet
  • Visor wiper
  • Touch technology
  • Silicone gel anti-shock skid pad
  • Reinforced thumb

Our only suggestion would be that we would have liked some armor on the backside.  Other than that, these gloves are well worth the $99 price tag and are basically like getting two gloves in one.