Short rides really aren’t our thing. Once we’re on a bike, we tend to have to be coaxed off by a full bladder or an empty gas tank. But once in awhile, a short ride is all you have time for. And the Palomar Mtn. Loop is one you’ll want to make time for.

While it’s only 35 miles long, you may have to ride twice that far just to get there, depending on where you find yourself in the San Diego area. But what you’ll find when you arrive are multiple decreasing radius turns, back-to-back hairpins, a few smooth snake turns, and some long sweepers. Sounds like the perfect combo, right?

It also offers some of the best scenery in Southern California. You’re perched up high in a secluded mountain peak in the Cleveland National Forest, so there’s not much in terms of civilization other than a couple of casinos on the way, Mother’s Kitchen (a small eating establishment near the top) and the Palomar Mountain Observatory (space telescope).

And since it’s SoCal, weather is generally pretty decent any time of year, but from now through late fall, it’s generally sunny and mild.