O’Betty’s Red Hot — the name alone makes us want to go there. This is a hole-in-the-wall hot dog shop in the home of Ohio University (not the Buckeyes), and it’s evidently the place to go for 100% beef dogs and home made fries – particularly if you like your food named after burlesque dancers and terms like Syra ‘The Swiss Doll,’ Dixie ‘Hubba-Hubba,’ and Hootchy-Kootchy.

We couldn’t find a dog on the menu over $3.50 and the most expensive item is a shaved ribeye sandwhich called the Tiara Lee ‘From Philly’ that runs $6.25. You could literally feed your pie hole for under $10 and be satisfied.

Since this is south of Wayne National Forest, home of this issue’s route, you might be glad to get a good meal before you head off into the dirt and trees.