Now that Winter has become a very distant memory in the midwest, time to feature some dirt bike riding in the area. Wayne National Forest is referred to as one of best dirt bike locations in the country. And that’s saying a lot considering this is a big country, and any western state could probably make the same claim. But here’s what evidently makes Wayne wonderful:

  • Easy access from Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.
  • 300 miles of trails for everything from riding to hiking to mountain biking.
  • Camping is available throughout the area, but there are no amenities other than restrooms. So bring plenty of food and water if you plan on making more than a day of it.
  • It’s relatively cheap – $12 for a day pass, $24 for three days and $45 for a season.

There are three main trailsystems within the forest — Monday Creek, Hanging Rock and Pine Creek. In addition to the fees listed above, you will need an OHIO APV tag. Sounds like a good reason to head to Ohio.

Here’s a video that gives you a taste of the area. The good stuff starts after about a minute in.