Full disclosure – there are no women working on Asphalt & Dirt. We don’t have anything against them. We like women. We ride with women. We’ve written about a few of them. And we plan to write about plenty more. But when we were sent a pair of the vintage jeans for women from our friends at Bull-it, we had to ask friends and family of the female persuasion for  to give them a try. Luckily that wasn’t too hard to do.

When we reviewed a pair of Bull-its the first of April, we were pretty impressed with everything from fit to finish to personal protection. But we wondered if they could pull it off with the X Chromosome bunch who might be a little more particular (sic discerning). In this case, the young woman who wore the jeans was a passenger not a rider, but since that’s probably going to be the case more than not, we thought this a worthy test.

Turns out, Bull-it has pulled it off just fine with their jeans for women. We heard things like, “Great fit.” “It didn’t bind around the back of my knees while I was on the bike.” “I felt like I could wear them just fine off the bike.” “They made me feel more secure — good protection.” And this from someone who’s pretty damn picky about their jeans!2015-04-26 10.58.00

We did get a slight critique on how the pocket design made said lady’s backside look a little broad, but we wisely kept our mouth shut and wrote down the comment. When we brought up this up to Bull-it, they promptly pointed us in the direction of other jeans with varying pocket designs that might negate that issue.2015-04-26 10.56.02

Keep in mind these jeans are made with Covec – a material much stronger than Kevlar. Consequently, they have a very high abrasion resistance, high cut resistance, and the material won’t break down when folded. So not only do they offer a high degree of protection, but they look good doing it.

So for the lady riders out there who like to wear jeans, but don’t want to look like they grabbed their mom’s, boyfriend’s, husband’s, etc., these might just be the ticket. And at under $200, it won’t break your bank…or someone else’s.

Here are some of the key features:

abrasion bull-it jeans image ce-150x150 light-150x150






And if you want a reminder of how serious they are about testing these jeans, let’s go to the video.