It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced. You see the bike you want, but finances, the old lady, or something else is in your way. Or you have a bike a couple of years and then the bastards at the manufacturer have the gall to come out with a new version that looks/runs even better. What to do?

Chrome Capital may be the answer.

While strictly focused on Harley Davidson’s for now, what Chrome Capital lets you do is lease a new bike with little to no money down depending on your credit. You can literally go to a participating dealer, throw a leg over a bike, fill out a credit app and ride out on the Harley you’ve been dreaming about.

We had a chance to talk to Peter Wasmer, head of Chrome Capital, to find out more.

“We’re all riders here so we knew firsthand what it was like to buy a bike and go through some of the hassles involved. We set out to make it easier to not only get on a new bike, but to upgrade to a newer one two to four years down the road.”

And by easy, he’s not kidding. Anyone can participate, regardless of credit — even if that credit score might match your crazy uncle’s IQ. In that case, Peter says you’ll have to come up with some money down, but otherwise if your credit is in the mid-600s and higher, there’s no money out of pocket. You literally sign and ride off.

Peter says at the end of the lease – which can run from between two to four years – you have the option of either walking away or buying the bike. There’s no mileage limitation.

But what about plans to add other makes?

“We started with Harley’s because they have the largest dealer network and there was already so much information available about ownership and the financing around them. As we build out the service, we will add other makes.”

Peter says they over 3000 lessees already using the service and our getting 50 to 75 inquiries a day.

They might be adding one more – we’ve got our eye on the Softail Slim.