At the end of last year, Bike Sheath sent us a cover for a 2012 Victory Cross Country. At the time, we’d just gotten two big rain storms in California and a drought, water rationing, and fines for overuse were just a twinkle in the governor’s eye. So we thought we’d get a lot of use out of this light and handy alternative to a full-on bike cover.

Turns out we did, but not for the reasons we had planned or that you’d think. Afterall, when rain is lacking, dust is in significant supply. So even though this particular bike has a nice place of its own in a well-sealed garage, dust still finds a way in.

While we like clean bikes as much as anyone else, we’d rather be riding than dusting. Good news is the Bike Sheath accomplished that by keeping the biggest surface areas (tank and seat) of this particular bike dust free between rides.

We did get some sprinkles on it one day while out running around town, and we’re happy to say the Bike Sheath did it’s job. Sadly, we’ll have to wait at least six months before we get anything resembling what anyone else would call a rainstorm. Until then, we’re going to let the Bike Sheath do its job indoors.

Each Bike Sheath is made to the particular specs of your bike, and you have the ability to have yours made with different color combinations. And the side covering your bike won’t scratch any parts it touches.

Starting around $75, it comes in its own stuff sack that fits easily in side bags or an oversized tool role.

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