We’re spoiled in California and we admit it. You could never leave the state and still hit just about every kind of riding you can imagine. And since we’ve had the warmest and driest winter on record, that means this year you could ride just about everywhere year round.

Sooner than summer, we’re going to head to one of our favorites — the relatively straight but scenic US395 starting at Lone Pine and going at least as far as Susanville. You can follow this highway all the way to the Canadian border, but this 350+mile stretch (not including the time to get to the beginning or ride home from the end) is enough to take up at least a long weekend. You’re riding in wide open spaces with the mountains to the left and high desert to the right most of the way.

In the past, crossing the Sierras from the West meant riding way out of the way before reaching a pass that was open before May. The lack of snowfall eliminated that problem this year.

The route essentially runs parallel to the Eastern Sierras. Starting with Lone Pine then riding up through Bishop, you’ll ride close to where many old westerns were filmed, as well as more current movies like Tremors and the first Iron Man. The Lone Pine Film Museum has a full accounting of every movie and TV show ever filmed there if you want to get a late start.

Mono-Lake-and-Start-of-Color-Sunset11Other stops along the way include Bishop, Convict Lake, Mono Lake, Carson City, and Reno. Once you leave Reno, you won’t hit another town until you reach Susanville, about 90 miles north.

What makes this route particularly appealing is that the highway is unusually well kept up by California standards and there’s rarely much traffic. Pretty close to heaven if you ask us.