We freakin’ love this bike! While not a dual sport by any stretch, slap a bash plate on a Scrambler, and some heavier duty tires, and dirt roads here we come!

We’ve seen some crazy mods done to these bikes, but they’re pretty cool as is. Our one gripe might be the limited color choices Triumph has each year. For 2015, you get matte blue, jet black or red and silver.

Other than a switch over from carburetors to EFI a few years ago, this bike has remained mostly unchanged during the years when most manufacturers were switching out models or making slight adjustments every other year. The engine is still a solid 865 cc pumping out just under 60bhp. Keep it running at around 55 mph and Triumph says you get 60 mpg. That and a spare gallon tank strapped to an optional rack should get you out to the nearest dirt via asphalt and back.

Yeah, we now there’s the other scrambler from Ducati, but this one’s got some history behind it. And we’re pretty sure the one from Italy won’t do as well in the dirt.