Most bikers take pants for granted. Put on some jeans or maybe some leathers and you’re good to go. The guys who do track days up their game with a heavy duty onesie. But we just like to ride and are way more likely to drag a foot peg than a knee. So when we reached out to Bull-it to see about reviewing a pair of their jeans, we not only got the jeans, but also a worthwhile education in everything from abrasion resistance to thermal conductivity to cut resistance.

As it turns out, if you come out of the saddle and end up sliding along the pavement while wearing your favorite jeans, you’ve got barely more than a half second before there’s nothing between you and the street. That’s abrasion resistance, and the numbers don’t get much better until you get up to stock leather pants (under five seconds).

What about Kevlar, you ask? Well, here’s the answer. Turns out that while Kevlar is better than denim, it still only has an abrasion resistance of about three seconds. Bull-it jeans have an abrasion resistance more than double that — and that’s with no additional armor in the knees or elsewhere – although they have pockets for those (hip and knee). Check out the videos on their site to see what we’re talking about.

What makes Bull-it jeans better is a relatively new material called Covec™. According to Bull-it, it was created specifically for motorcycle rider protection, and in 2004 NASA used the fibre inside Covec for the airbag in the Mars Rover space mission. Jeans made from space material…how freakin’ cool is that!?

We got a pair of their Carbon SR6 jeans (the other model is called SR4) and have worn them several times. Though heavier than a regular jean, they fit like one. So none of the mom-jean bagginess that goes with some of the other rider jeans out there. There’s also no oversized rear pockets or oddly placed seams. They look like a pair of jeans you’d be comfortable wearing to work or a decent restaurant.

We rode them in weather that went from 55 to 85+ and never felt too cool or too hot thanks to the mesh lining inside. They fit fine over our Gasolina boots and didn’t ride up in the crotch or crimp up around the knees. We stuck them in the wash after a couple of all day rides and they cleaned up with no problem. Needless to say, we’re fans.

At just under $200, these jeans might set you back a few bills, but considering the protection, comfort, features and look you’re getting, it’s money well-spent. With over a dozen different variations of the SR6 for men (four for the SR4) and five for women (four for the SR4) there are plenty of options.

The company is building out its network of locations, and you can find the store nearest you on their site or order a pair or two by calling them directly at 510-506-6095.