A couple of years ago a riding buddy of ours took a trip through India, Nepal and Tibet via Royal Enfields. Not the bike that would immediately come to mind when you’d think of riding on a lot of rutted dirt roads and crossing an occasional stream. But the bikes were tough…and the gear the tour guide suggested the riders bring had to also be up to the task. So our intrepid traveler bought a pair of these.

Gaerne has made a name for itself as a boot that has set the bar for many other makers of motocross and enduro footwear. It comes with composite rubber soles, a built in ankle alignment system, a heel bumper and a memory cell inner foam liner that makes these super comfortable both on and off the bike. Afterall, the trip did often require some pushing of the bike and walking around in small mountain villages.

The SG-10s will run you around $480. Which may seem like a lot, but if taken care of, these boots will last for years. Replacement parts like buckles, inner soles, and toe caps will help keep them lasting even longer.