Words and titles sometimes just grab us. Such was the case when we started looking around for places to eat in Moab, Utah, home of this issue’s Route and where you’ll also find the Ekleticafe. And by the looks of the menu, and reviews, it seems we made a wise choice.

Serving breakfast and lunch, the Ekleticafe lives up to its name. Check out the Wake Me Up – a scrambled egg (or scrambled tofu ) and organic brown rice topped with steamed seaweed, toasted sesame seeds and a side of Soy Sesame Ginger Dressing. Or how about a one pound breakfast burrito that includes two eggs, organic brown rice, pinto beans, jack cheese & salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

If you find yourself there at lunch, we hear their salmon burger is killer. salmon burgerWe’d probably be partial to their Reuben.

Eleven bucks and change will get you anything on the menu. Throw in a couple more for their Cubano coffee and you’re good to go.

Located on North Main Street, you can’t miss it.