We’ve had this vest for from Motorcycle House since the end of January and the first thing we’re wondering is where the hell did the time go! Considering California has had it’s driest three months on record as of the first of March, we’ve had plenty of time to ride…and to get this vest out on the road.

There’s a lot to like about the vest starting with the price — for just under $45.00 you get a good heavy grade leather, decent hardware, and stitching that doesn’t show the least sign of coming apart. The two inside pockets are deep enough to store a phone during rides, and  sunglasses while sitting inside sipping a tasty, hot beverage. (Hey, just because it’s dry doesn’t mean it isn’t still cold/cool depending on how thick your blood is!)

There are also two, relatively deep outside pockets for anything  unimportant but quickly retrievable.

Our only beef is that the black coloring was a bit mottled on the back side. Nothing a few patches wouldn’t cover, but for anyone who wants to wear this vest both on and off the bike without patches, that could be a problem.

You could spend a lot more and get a better dye job, but for the price, we’ll take this vest and put some of the money we saved into some more gear!