We thought we’d mix up food and lodging this time around and present you with the Switzerland Inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Yes, this looks nicer than a motel or more comfortable than camping off the road for that matter, but once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little. Besides, with rooms in the Diamondback Motorcycle Lodge starting at under $90 a night, it beats a lot of other similarly priced alternatives. That’s right, they have a stand alone building just for bikers! Switzerland Inn Diamondback

You’ll want to stay here if you’re riding the Tail of the Dragon or the Diamondback Loop featured in this issue’s Routes and Trails section.

They do serve food in both their Chalet Restaurant (full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu) and the Fowl Play Pub (beer, wine, mixed drinks and pub food including their signature drink called the Diamondback Venom). Evidently, it’s worth it to stay through a Friday just to take advantage of that evening’s prime rib and seafood buffet.

When do we leave!?