The resurgent interest in old bikes and turning them into everything from cafe racers to bobbers to you name it is creating some interesting dynamics when it comes to repairs and complete restorations. Since not everyone can afford the latter, some quick inexpensive fixes are a necessary option.

Most old bikes come with old seats, and old seats have tears. While duct taping over tears is an option, it looks like hell (see photo). duct tapeWhile a rat bike may have a certain appeal, a torn seat with duct tape just looks like you don’t give a damn at all.

For minor tears, you can use a super-glue product of a black gasket sealant for black seat covers.

If it’s a large tear, you can try a couple of things:

  • sew it closed then apply gasket sealant
  • get it professionally re-upholstered (not as expensive as you think)
  • buy a new seat cover and reinstall with a heavy-duty stapler
  • or buy a new seat (the most expensive option)

Let those tears go and eventually the seat will go with it…and so might yours.