Just  before the holidays, Cyron was kind enough to give us an H4 Headlight Bulb, LED retrofit kit. Well, the holidays are now behind us and we finally were able to drop it into a friend’s Harley.

The great thing about this is that this is a retrofit kit — you DO NOT have to replace the entire headlight to install this H4. It fits nearly 90% of the bikes out there, but check your manual first.

So far we’ve noticed a distinct difference in the brightness, but we still need to use it a couple more weeks, before we have a more detailed review.

The color of the light does take some getting used to. It is an LED bulb. But if it means a brighter headlight and better visibility, what the hell!

The Cyron H4 will only set you back about $70 – not a bad deal for a retrofit that gets you a stated 2500 lumens and 20,000 hours of use. Check it out.