Panama City, Florida is the end point for this issue’s Favorite Route. So rather than have you hunt around for a place to eat, we thought we’d give you one that was easy to find — Angelo’s Steak Pit. Why Angelo’s? Because as you can see there’s a 20,000 lb. replica of a steer — affectionately known as Gus — standing right out front.

Sure you’re on the Gulf Coast and you might want some seafood instead. Angelo’s delivers some of that, too. But nothing screams biker stop like an unbelievably huge steer!

Their menu is pretty simple – steak, ribs, chicken and a few items from the sea like shrimp, grouper and snapper. And from the looks of it, you won’t go home hungry.

Angelo's grill-masters-at-workThey’re noted for cooking all of their steaks, ribs and chicken over an open pit hickory fire. And if you can’t make it there or want to bring a little bit of Angelo’s home with you, they sell their sauce and seasoning at the store or from their website.