We caught site of this bike a few months ago when it showed up as a first look on Motorcycle USA. While we’re prone to lean toward the classic, old school styling of V-twins, cafe racers and bobbers, the leanness and angularity of the F800R screams “Ride me!”

And who can beat a Beemer for fit and finish.

The German maker evidently took some cues from previous owners and changed up the headlamp (symmetrical), the brakes (radial mount), and the ergonomics (handlebars and foot pegs) for a more relaxed riding position. They also went from a telescopic to inverted fork and added a few horses to the engine output — now a claimed 90hp.

While we’ve yet to get on one, we think this has enough of a hooligan element to make a demo ride forthcoming. Our only issue might be the size of the gas tank. At just under four gallons, that’s probably okay for short trips, but we like to ride long and hard…meaning stop only when necessary. And if this bike gets under 40 mpg, that’s too much stopping in a day’s ride.