We’re sending you near Beatty, NV to do some dirt bike riding in our Routes & Trails section this week, so we thought it only fitting to tell you where to go to eat once you’re there. The Happy Burro & Beer seemed like a good start.

Located near the intersection of 95 and the 374, it got great reviews for its award-winning chili. You can get it in a bowl, on a hot dog or in a boat full of Fritos corn chips covered in chili, cheese and onions.

After doing a bit more digging, we discovered a unique feature of the men’s room at The Happy Burro. Evidently, a pair of ape-hanger handlebars is mounted on the wall above the urinal; the clutch lever is rigged to the urinal’s flush mechanism. Clutch and flush.

Next desert ride will definitely include chili and beer!