Rather than continue to break down individual routes, we thought we’d go a bit broader and go state-by-state. Given that Alaska is now colder than a witches mammary gland, and we most recently featured a dirt trail park in Alabama, we thought we’d head to Arizona.

Thanks to the Best Biking Roads website, this particular section showcases 58 rides featuring some of the best desert, canyon and mountain rides in the Copper State. Each ride is rated on an overall scale from 1-5, and breaks it down further by corners, straights, scenery, road surface, visibility, police presence and hazards.

You’re on your own trying to figure out where to eat ahead of time. But all of the routes start and/or end at a point you can find a place to fill your pie hole.

Having ridden in Arizona quite a bit over the last several years, we can honestly say that desert riding in the summer can be brutal, mostly if you get caught in it mid-day. The state does get rain in the lower elevations in late summer and snow in the higher elevations – both in the north, east and south — in the winter. Plan accordingly and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a short video to give you a taste of some canyon riding.

Photo courtesy of www.audiclubarizona.org