It might be too wet and cold to be taking a long tour, but it’s not too early to have some tips in mind for one you might be planning when the weather warms up. We scoured the Internet and found a long list of 33 thanks to the American Motorcycle Association. We’ve winnowed them down to 13 of the most important technical and bike related to get you started.

  1. Use a short metal cable with loops on both ends (like those made to keep people from stealing bicycle seats) to secure a jacket and helmet to your bike’s helmet lock.
  2. Carry a spare key. Hide it somewhere on your bike or trade spare keys with a traveling companion.
  3. Portable weather radios are now in the $20 range, and that will seem like nothing the first time one saves you from running right into a massive storm.
  4. Carry a backpack hydration system so you can drink while you ride.
  5. Get a simple map case to attach to your bike’s tank.
  6. Use trash compactor bags as waterproof barriers for stuff in your saddlebags.
  7. Bring a small towel or rag to wipe dew off seats, windshields and mirrors, and even for quickly cleaning the whole bike.
  8. Pack extra bungees and zip-ties.
  9. Get the GPS you’ve always wanted.
  10. Give your bike the once over. Check the simple stuff—air pressure, oil level, loose or missing fasteners.
  11. Do routine maintenance at home with your bike’s toolkit, so you’re sure you have what you need along the side of the road.
  12. You can use a kit to make emergency repairs on tubeless or tube-type tires alongside the road. But practice using the kit on an old tire in your garage first.
  13. Get a packable motorcycle cover to keep your bike clean and dry and to discourage thieves. And don’t forget a stout lock for the bike itself.