We interrupt what would have been naming another winner of our EatSleepRIDE promo to bring you this — pictures and specs from Arch Motorcycles, the Keanu Reeves project.

While we weren’t able to talk to Keanu live or his business partner, long-time builder, Gard Hollinger, we were able to get some more information from Ken Conte who kindly filled us in on why an S&S motor and what inspired the particular design of the bike.

“An American machine should have an American heart, and S&S helped us develop this engine with proprietary parts and systems.  The downdraft is a good example, as well as the ability to offer a two-year warranty on the engine.  Making a deal with someone like Ducati or a Japanese manufacturer could be quite involved if even possible, not to mention trying to get support to engineer and make anything proprietary or getting them to offer a warranty on the engine.  The realities of using those types of power plants isn’t practical for many reasons.”

And as for the inspiration bit: “Inspiration can be found in many places, but the main goal was to create an artistic, well-engineered, custom motorcycle that could really be ridden, in fact that begged to be.”

res-068Specs are interesting – this is not a bike for the faint of heart. The engine is a proprietary S&S Twin Cam 124 cubic inch beast kicking out 121+ max horsepower and a matching 121+ ft. lbs of torque — both at the rear wheel.

Other proprietary parts include a 6-speed Baker Drivetrain, a Bandit dry belt drive with a compact clutch basket, and of course the chassis — a tube and billet steel with billet aluminum structural members and a modular billet aluminum swingarm with titanium axle adjusters.

Dual ISR 6 Piston monoblock radial mount calipers up front and a single 4 piston monoblock radial mounted brake in the rear will give this beast plenty of stopping power.

With a seat height of 27.8 inches and the ability to custom tailor each Arch with options like forward or mid controls, narrow or wide mounted foot pegs and 2” or 3” handlebar pull-back risers, this is a bike meant to be ridden.

Works for us. Now to dig up the $78,000 to order one. If I get it on today, they’re evidently taking 90 days to deliver. Just in time for riding season!