Tattoos and decals – they are a personal thing, but obviously one is way more permanent than the other. Thankfully, getting rid of a decal is far easier and cheaper than getting rid of ink. All you need is a hand held hair dryer…and patience.

To be sure you don’t heat up your paint or plastic too much, use the low or medium setting on the dryer. Hold it about 6-7 inches away from the decal and move the hair dryer back and forth across the surface. The heat is actually breaking down the glue holding the decal or sticker in place.

While keeping the heat on the decal, try to lift an edge until it starts to give way. As it does, direct the heat between the lifted edge and the decal to get right at the glue.

Once the decal or sticker is off, you can use a couple of different products to clean up the remaining glue. We prefer WD-40. It reduces the possibility of doing a number on your finish. You might still want to take a little wax or plastic polish to the surface, just in case.

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