A spark plug is a simple thing doing an important job. Sometimes we take it for granted. And when we do…we lose it…the spark that is. Here are some easy steps to take to make sure your plugs stay in working order:

– remove the spark plug’s cap and examine its terminal end for any corrosion

– remove the spark plug with a spanner and examine the electrode (opposite end from the terminal); if it’s shot (pitted and corroded metal), then you’ll need to replace it

– you can clean it up in a thorough rinse of kerosene or gasoline, then wipe with a clean cloth

– check the gap with a gauge and re-adjust according to the specs in your manual

– reinstall the plug being careful not to screw it back in too tightly to avoid damaging the threads.

It’s a good idea to check your plugs at the same time you change your oil.

Thanks to The Total Motorcycling Manual for this week’s Shop Talk tip.