While it’s still technically fall across the Northern Hemisphere, it’s starting to feel more like winter depending how far north of certain latitudes you might find yourself. Even out here in California, we find ourselves riding in chillier weather, but by early afternoon, we’re wishing we could take off a layer or two. Which brings us to this fine example of layering by First Gear — the Kilimanjaro.

We got this jacket a couple of years ago, and promptly put it through the test with several rides that started in the high 30s and ended in the 60s (Fahrenheit). The fleece lining zipped out easily and we stayed warm in the morning and comfortable in the afternoon. Reflective piping came in handy when we found ourselves unable to call it a day before the sun set.

The CE armor even held its own while wearing the jacket on a brisk demo ride of a then new Triumph Speed Triple. We found ourselves on a city street coming up too fast behind an SUV that suddenly hit the brakes. Grabbing a handful of the Triple’s double discs, we promptly hit the pavement. The jacket took it in stride and we ended up with nothing but a few bruises the jacket didn’t cover. Definitely worth the roughly $275 – 300 you’ll pay for it.

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