Fallon to Nevada THE BRIEF

We don’t know if anyone once said it, but everyone who rides knows that there’s a road for every rider and a rider for every road. For anyone who likes to ride balls to the wall, flat out fast as an open throttle will take you, US 50 from just outside Fallon, NV to Ely, NV is it. It’s known as the loneliest highway in America and that moniker is well-deserved. We rode there earlier in June and when we left Ely on the way back to Fallon, we didn’t see a car or truck for over an hour. Meanwhile, our speedometer was pushing into the triple digits — just for fun.


Our friends in NV say there’s nothing to see so go as fast as you can to get through it. We like the wide open space of it, crazy-ass rock formations, and not a cager for miles. Sounds a bit like our version of heaven!


Going so fast you’ll forget to fill up! There are a couple of places to stop to or from Fallon and Ely. Take advantage of them when you can.


We found ourselves in Austin, NV for lunch and had to try the International Cafe. While service was slow, the food was fine.


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