As the temperature heads south, this is the time when bikers with projects head to the garage. Either to pick up on a left off project or avoid that awful time of the month all women go through – a trip to the hair salon followed by an expectation that you notice and approve of said new hair style.

For those of you who find themselves with a rusty gas tank in need of some serious cleaning during this time, here’s a hint that will clean the tank and give you a good work out. Plus, it’s cheap. All you need are a few quarts of kerosene and a handful of nuts, bolts and sheet metal screws. Solvent and sealant come later.

Start with a gas tank fully removed from the bike. Seal up the petcock hole, pour in a couple of quarts of kerosene, add metal bits described above and start shaking the tank like you grabbed a live wire. Keep it up until your arms feel like spaghetti. Dump out the contents of the gas tank, rinse the metal screws etc. Repeat until the tank looks as close to new as you can get it. Rinse it out with solvent and coat the inside with a sealant.

Thanks to The Total Motorcycling Manual for this week’s tip.


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