We were asked the other day why we haven’t included a Harley in our Favorite Bikes yet. Afterall, it is the most iconic motorcycle brand in the world. And that’s why we didn’t. It just seemed too obvious. So now here we are.

Harley takes their share of flack for bikes that break down, oil leaks, and style changes that make it difficult for the uninitiated to tell the difference between one decade of bikes to another. But the truth is Harley has made significant improvements to all of its bikes and fixed many of the problems that plagued them in the past. And regardless of past issues, a Harley still holds its value better than practically any other bike made.

We like the 2013 Softail Deluxe because it is timeless while incorporating ABS, hiding most of the wiring under the tank, and adding that big ass 103 cu.in. engine. We also like red and that chrome front end!

A new 2014 will set you back $18,000-plus to start. But every Harley owner knows, that’s just the start and never the end.


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