Yeah, we know. That thing above would never end up on any bike, no matter how big your sidebags might be! But how many bikers do the opposite and don’t carry jack with them? We know several who shall remain nameless. But all bikes have handlebars and there are a lot of small tool bags out there or even small toolkits that rollup easily and can be attached to handlebars, forks or even the riders seat. Hell, some bikes even still come with their own toolkits.

Before you buy any tools, just be sure you know whether your bike is metric or standard. You think we’re kidding? Some people buy bikes and just don’t bother to find out. Here’s a must have short list:

  • hex keys (sizes that match all the most common parts on the bike)
  • six-in-one screwdriver
  • pliers
  • spark-plug socket
  • shop rag
  • open-ended wrenches (see hex keys)
  • half a dozen cable ties
  • small role of duct tape

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