The Lowdown

Several years ago we found ourselves in Memphis and had to ask the locals to name a good barbecue place. Corky’s was repeated more often than most. As we started putting together Asphalt & Dirt, we realized we’d be missing a big plate of ribs if we didn’t include them. That’s how good it is. Don Pelts started the place 30 years ago, and now has four different locations scattered throughout Memphis. They slow cook all of their meats over hickory and charcoal, and hand pull all of their pork. Other barbecue joints might claim the same, but Corky’s definitely delivers. Which means they’ll also ship to order.

What to Order

Not only had we not forgotten Corky’s, we also hadn’t forgotten what we ordered! The Dry Rib dinner – complete with barbecue beans, coleslaw and fresh-baked rolls. We didn’t think of it at the time, but we wish we would have ordered the Bar-B-Q nachos as a starter. Then gotten their homemade potato chips for the road!

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