Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.40.33 PMThe Brief

If you find yourself somewhere between Ft. Worth and Abilene, TX on Interstate 20 and you have some time to relieve the monotony of flat out freeway driving, head south and catch this 135 mile loop that starts and ends in Brownwood. Remember, that’s not Brownsville or Brownfield. Texas is a big place, so keep your towns straight.

What you’ll See

The horizon and more. Cultivated fields, ranch land and very little traffic. Nothing but wide open country and some great Texas small towns – like Commanche, DeLeon, Cross Plains and Brownwood.

What to Watch For

Texas has some of the best roads in the country – nice smooth pavement just about anywhere you go. But many of the backroads have narrow or very little shoulders. So just know that if you have to pull off, make yourself visible to be sure what little traffic might come along can see you.

Where to Eat

Brownwood has its share of chains, and there are some family owned restaurants worth trying, but hold off on lunch until you get to DeLeon and check out the Blue Moon Cafe. The buffet will definitely satisfy.

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