How could any red-blooded American biker not like this bike? Or anyone who likes/always dreamed of a retro, kick in the butt, torque monster?

We had an opportunity to demo one of these after they first came out and were pleasantly surprised with just about everything about it. For a heavy bike, it corners incredibly well due to its low center of gravity – 26 inch seat height. The 111 cu. in. Thunderstroke V-Twin kicks out an acclaimed nearly 120 ft.-lbs of torque, and you’ll feel it when you twist the throttle in nearly every gear. And fit and finish are on par with what you’d expect from a high-end cruiser. Polaris did it right by keeping the price at just below $20 grand. Keep in mind the previous renditions of this bike before Polaris bought it were well into the high $20k too mid-$30k range.

The only two complaints we’ve heard are that the big engine kicks out too much heat that’s not diverted away from the rider, and anyone over six-feet feels cramped on this thing.

We say, to hell with that! We’ll take a little heat and cramping for the performance and the thumbs up this bike generates all day long.