Sometimes our favorite bikes…or at least the ones we think of most fondly…are our first. In this case, it was a 1975 Honda CL360 – the scrambler version of the CB360. It was only manufactured from 1974-76, mostly because it just didn’t measure up to its predecessor – the CL 350 — or its competition, primarily the Yamaha RD350. But having nothing to compare it to then, and since it went where it needed to go, it seemed just fine at the time. It kicked out all of about 34 hp, but could do a ton when pushed hard and given enough straightaway.

They’ve started to become more popular with collectors, as have a lot Universal Japanese Motorcycles from the 70s. We’ve seen sellers asking as high as $4200 for completely restored, good as new versions, to a few hundred bucks for a complete basket case. We passed up a chance to put a good as new one back in the garage for about $3500 and wish we wouldn’t have.

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